• Personal Invested interest and commitment from the owners and executive team.
  • Proven history and experience
  • Top notch Safety and Quality records
  • Trained-Experienced-long term executive team and management.
  • Proactively planning, scheduling and executing, with  the flexibility to change, if required, which is a cost effective method resulting in increased production in the field.
  • Specialty equipment experienced. (Example: Package boilers, Reformers, Cogens and Exchanger
  • Specialty pressure welding experienced with proven history. (carbon, chrome, Stainless, P91)
  • Experienced in Demolition and retro fit of structures equipment and piping systems
  • Experienced in super structure installations
  • Successfully executing projects with over 150 employees running 7 days a week.




  • Tool cribs, welding trailers and office trailers
  • Heavy rigging equipment
  • Specialty piping fitting equipment
  • Specialty welding equipment
  • Specialty rolling equipment
  • Specialty torqueing and tension equipment
  • Hydro testing equipment
  • Current inventory to run 150 plus employees

  • Provide professional quality services/products on time and on budget while maintaining the highest level of safety.
  • Zero incidents
  • Zero re-work
  • Maintain an efficient, positive and respectful environment for all our employees and clients.
  • Hire and supply the highest quality skilled trades and management available. We provide hands on in house training/mentoring to achieve the best results.
  • Continuously improving in all departments through auditing, monitoring, reviewing and lessons learned.
  • •Maintain our follow up and lessons learned strategies to ensure consistency in client and employee satisfaction 

JLG Industries continuously strives to be your industry leader in structural steel, pressure piping and mechanical scopes.   We specialize in light to heavy industrial construction and maintenance supply and service needs primarily in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia with capabilities nation wide. We can be your one stop shop or provide you with each individual requirement as requested. Large or small we would be more than happy to look at them all.

Our Brand Promise

Inspiring and delivering industrial construction excellence.

We are a team of industrial fabricators and builders who are passionately committed to doing what we said we would do, meeting and exceeding client expectations. We stand behind our work with quantifiable metrics and a committed resource pool of industry professionals. Trust is a cornerstone of our business that we extend and earn from our clients and our workforce. Our owners are directly engaged on every project and will ensure you are always a top priority. We engrave our team buy-in safety culture in everything we do from the top down and have the track record to prove it.