JLG Radistal is an Indigenous majority owned joint venture company between JLG Industries Inc. and Radistal Industries. We provide services to multiple industries including oil and gas and agricultural. With over 75 years of combined owner work experience, we are a dedicated, honest, innovative and professional group. JLG Radistal provides custom tailored services in order to create a superior experience for our cliental. We work to ensure our pricing and quality of service is balanced between customer requirements, market conditions and our core values.

JLG Radistal Industrial  feels its important and has committed ‚Äčto supporting Indigenous communities, local communities and minorities. JLG Radistal achieves this through the following;

  • Implemented an Indigenous and minority company commitment/ policy
  • Work with Pipe Trades and Trade Winds College in placing Indigenous graduates
  • Utilize and work with a Helmet to Hard Hat program. Supports ex Military apprenticeships
  • Partnerships with  Indigenous businesses/Reserves to support each other in completing projects, share resources and support training
  • Support hiring of personnel from local communities to each project
  • Support utilizing and purchasing from local businesses to project locations
  • Support local community causes through charities, attending functions and volunteer work
  • Support minority hiring, training and more
  • Open to new ideas and improvements