JLG Industries participates in helping place Indigenous graduates to start a successful future:

February 10, 2016

"JLG Industries' contribution will not be forgotten and we look forward to dealing more with yourself [Larry George] and JLG Industries Inc."

                          - Alberta Pipe Trades College

Our Indigenous Policy

JLG aspires to be an industry leader for Indigenous & First Nations inclusion by developing strong partnerships that provide economic prosperity, social well-being, and respect for the people and land where we work.

We recognize that our operations are often located in the traditional territory of Indigenous & First Nations communities. We believe that responsible business activity involves meaningful inclusion and a deep respect of their cultures and values.

​JLG is committed to First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities. We believe that investing in Indigenous communities leads to our success, their success, and the success of Canada.

Through cooperation and partnerships with Indigenous communities, JLG is committed to developing strategies and practices that will:

Support and promote education, training programs, employment and procurement opportunities with positive impacts and more career options for the future generations of Indigenous peoples and communities.
Prepare our workplace with people that respect the diversity of Indigenous cultures, the importance of their heritage and recognition that Indigenous peoples are the original and continuing stewards of the Traditional Territories

These commitments guide or business decisions as we work to meet JLG's obligations to our stakeholders, our workers, clients, customers and to the public.

JLG views involvement of Indigenous peoples and their communities as a mandatory part of our day-to-day operations and the future of a sustainable Canadian economy. We are honored to work together on the traditional territories that are affected by our operations and it is important that the communities can benefit from our experience.

JLG fosters capacity development of these communities through opportunities such as business development, education, training, employment and procurement.

Guided Principles: Integrity, Respect, Community, Teamwork

JLG employees and subcontractors work to build long term and mutually beneficial business relationships with Indigenous & First Nations communities and businesses in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • Ensure programs are sustainable and have a clear benefit
  • Commitment to open and honest communication with Indigenous communities
  • ​Support for the growth of Indigenous business capacity through training and on the job mentoring opportunities
  • Respect for the diverse and unique cultures, protocols, interests and priorities of Indigenous communities as well as treaty rights
  • ​Understand that First Nations may have shared and/or overlapping interests in their traditional territories
  • Recognition of the need to minimize impacts by providing construction and maintenance services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner
  • ​Maintenance of the highest standards for worker health and safety​​

 Policy Implementation
The guiding principles are implemented through a framework comprised of four key areas of focus, including economic development, employment, training and procurement.

Economic Development
JLG's economic development efforts focus on developing strong relationships with Indigenous communities and businesses. These relationships lead to communication of opportunities for the benefit of both groups including opportunities for individuals in the Indigenous community to work with JLG and to understand how they can provide support to JLG. Subcontractors are encouraged to adopt similar relationships when working with JLG.

JLG supports the development and growth of businesses that are owned or operated by First Nations or Indigenous entrepreneurs by matching opportunities to skills and resources and by ensuring that these businesses are aware of all potential contract opportunities.

In areas where ongoing work exists, JLG will explore options to enter into ongoing business contracts which provide secure longer term work to local Indigenous firms including the opportunity to be included on a preferred vendor list.

JLG adheres to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Human Rights Codes of Alberta in their hiring, retention and promotion activities and encourages applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds. As outlined in our Recruitment, Human Rights and Discrimination policies. JLG fosters a working environment that has no barriers to entry or advancement for Indigenous or First Nations people.

In both of its construction projects and ongoing maintenance work, JLG continually assesses the work requirements, identifies the needed skills and competencies and determines the available training options if and as required. JLG will work with training providers to deliver training initiatives that will provide long term benefit to the company and the associated industries that we work within.


As part of the commitment to the communities in which we operate, JLG has a procurement requirement which incorporates preference for awarding contracts for goods and services to Indigenous and locally based businesses.  When two or more proposals are scored the same on all technical, safety, managerial, and financial criteria, the Indigenous owned and/or locally operated company will be selected.  JLG will work to educate individuals and businesses about potential work opportunities, encouraging them to bid or submit proposals where applicable.

Indigenous Advancement and Benefit to Local Community

JLG's Senior Management Team will work with Indigenous communities to develop project opportunities that focus on inclusive partnerships and Joint ventures.  Our goal is to foster viable business options that truly benefit the local community.